Tuesday, November 26, 2013



You've been an interesting year for me. Filled with confusion, tears, sweat, grief, accomplishments, victories, friendships, partnerships. E V E R Y T H I N G.

The first thing I said was I was going to be #23andpetty and that's certainly not the case. This year broke me down. Made me look at the changes in myself that I was aggressively demanding others to do. I learned so much about myself and the importance of growing up and shutting my mouth. Doing what I'm told and without attitude, sarcasm  or tantrums.

I've traveled and done some crazy once in a lifetime, this is for the books things with some great people.
I've done some awesome things with myself. I learned to really love myself and who I truly am. I can spend time with myself and have fun. I'm impressed with who I've become and that's helped my confidence immensely.

Here I am getting ready to embark on yet another journey. I don't know what 24 has in store for me. But I'm ready to face it by being the love I seek.

Goodbye 23.
Hello 24.

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