Friday, December 27, 2013

Good Ass Intro


How the hell are we seriously supposed to deal with the real life changes that happen INSTANTLY and spontaneously. In instances your entire world is never the same, as if the prior day to day normalcy was just something that you once dreamed. Something that you've imagined to have happened. And before you know it, years have gone by and you're like what? Seriously??

Not sure if you know where I work or not but my show has been cancelled. Now all the positive words of encouragement I send out constantly to a friend in need, has to be my life. How scary is for me now to walk that walk. To believe in the positive dreams that I was given. Haaaa seriously life? Yea, I'll be honest, today I broke down. Didn't believe, let the negative consume me. But the fact that I so quickly bounced back let's me know I have courage. Wow! Who would have known.

It's as if I just got back to the platform when you hear the engineer say he's letting the ride go for another round. That unexpected take-over of life's rollercoaster. I'm just really trying. Like seriously trying. With work, with my friendships and even in my relationship. I hope you see the trying. 

The exciting thing about this happening is the fact that I can literally go anywhere in the world right now. So often I talk about leaving New Jersey and in the next couple of months, I'll be figuring out if that's what I should do. This will be a challenge. I'm going to be completely mature about it all. Express how I feel to the people it needs to be expressed to, weigh every positive and negative of it all. Should I leave? Should I move?

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