Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Why is it so easy for girls to fall in love?
Hmm. Maybe love isn't the word but it's like as soon as we see three things, promising things, that we like in a man, we are already imagining lovers vacations and holidays?

Does love at first sight truly exist? I definitely believe in lust at first sight. But is that because it's so seldom that I come across a man that I'm actually attracted to?

Are you really a bad girl for having sex on the first date? Does circumstance make it ok? Like for the catfish couples? You have like 2 seconds to see each other when Nev introduces you. Or like if the person that you like lives states away and you find out that you like them over time so that when you see them the chemistry and lust is just so strong that it just happens? That's acceptable right? -Asking for a friend by the way.

Why is it a trend to adopt little black babies? Why can't young black adults be adopted too? What's the difference between a baby and a young adult? *I hope Sandra Bullock is reading this.*

Why are there so many "rules" of dating?! Does the perfect person exist that you can be completely honest with them and they with you and it truly works out?

How long does it really take to decide if you want to be with someone?

How often do you look inside and address your insecurities. We all have them. But when do you change them? When do you seek solutions to the returning problems in your life?

How often do you need to have sex?

How long have you gone without sex?

Why am I always thinking about sex?

No one has a perfect body, but how long did it take for you to get over exposing your true naked body to your partner?

How long did it take you to accept your body?

How important is having the perfect body to you? Whether its your body being perfect or the person that you want to date?

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