Friday, March 7, 2014

Heal The World

I'm certain that I've written about this. I tend to say the same things over and over again especially if I'm very interested in it. I can't help that such strong passion lives within my body. Anyway, back to what I'm trying to get at -- When's the last time you said something or did something unexpectedly positive for someone? I'm realizing that though I love working in the television industry, I'm much more happier when I work on shows that involve changing someone's life. For the premiere show, I worked on surprising people who have pretty much survived the unthinkable and I just felt wonderful. It feels good when I'm able to help get a car donated or toys donated to a needing foundation in honor of a deserving child. I like making impacts on people's lives whether it be something huge like what I do at work for air or small like what I do behind the scenes. 

Recently, I got a letter from a guest that I helped out. I really enjoy speaking to people and getting to know them. I like to tell people to get home safely after interacting with them no matter where we talk. I like to truly inquire about your day and offer any kind of advice. I like to compliment people on not just how great they look but how wonderful they are. It's so easy, especially with the help of social media, to just focus on the physical of people. We are so quick to praise the people who look the best and make fun of those who look different than us. I'm not that kind of person. I think we should be the love we seek. Ah, here I go again blabbering. As I was saying, recently I got a letter from a guest that I helped out. I booked her for an appraisal show that we did and was in constant contact for the week leading up to the taping. She is a lovely, southern  woman from Dallas, Texas. I typically work long hours and every time I would call her, whether it be late at night or early in the morning, she was just always concerned about how I was truly doing. She would often ask me about my "boyfriend" and wouldn't hesitate to ask me why I didn't have one and then would always say that I'm not going to find him sitting at my desk. I would laugh because I can't tell you how many times I hear that but she just seemed so genuinely concerned. After we taped her segment in New York, she told me that though being on a talk show was pretty much the chance of a lifetime, she was more pleased with having to gotten the chance to meet me. Not my celebrity boss, but me. Bianca Lynn.

Here's what her letter said:
"Dear Bianca,
Thanks so much for all of the coordinator that you did for me for the show, recently. I really enjoyed meeting you. You are such a lovely... (busy!!)... person with compassion, patience, and diligence. Enclosed is a gift that reminded me of you..a beautiful butterfly fluttering from one place to another. Bianca, the beautiful, busy butterfly! I wish I had someone to introduce to you! I will keep you in mind -- and your never know who is around the next corner!! I don't travel to New York often (as you know :-)!) but if I come up, I'll let you know. Take good care of yourself. 
Best, JJ."

I can't describe how much that touched me. It's so amazing to me that some people have the ability to really see who you are without that much time involved. It's so amazing to me that I'm that kind of person that gives off those wonderful qualities to strangers. That just by a week's conversation, I was able to show and spread that kind of love to this woman. She gave me a butterfly necklace along with the letter. Just the fact that she randomly thought of me and decided to do that was awesome. 

My purpose of this post isn't to brag about how awesome I am and how uncool you are, but rather to encourage you to be that person in someone's life. To be the person who does a random act of kindness, write a nice letter to someone who made you feel moved or be that person who moves someone. Be kind to others. Be the love you seek.

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Kathy said...

Beautiful you, beautifully written! Whether you realize it or not, you've touched a lot of lives, and as such you are beautifully blessed, and the letter from the woman from Dallas proves it. Continue to be who you are Bianca. She was right, you won't find him at your desk, but you will find him when the time is right. Be blessed, always!