Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Today, I got a call from a beloved Pastor that I know who has really been a sort of therapist for me this year. He had been sick and quite honestly I called him to talk to him about my issues but when I heard his voice, and heard the sickness still in him, I felt convicted for my selfishness and made the call entirely about him. As he was talking to me about his surgery and what he endured for the past month, he was truly dropping gems and as I was just meditating on the conversation, I heard God tell my spirit, "You already have what you've been crying and asking for, work on the foundations. Where is your faith? Your joy? Your trust? This New Year will never be the same and once you come into that place, my presence, you'll stop the crying."

And even now, typing this out, I heard more of the revelation and just had to share with someone. I do have what I've been crying, asking and begging for. It's already mine. I finally feel the comfort, the stern comfort that I've been reaching out for. Just as I just declared to the world what my New Year prayers would be, I felt it instantly. 

I'm asking God for continuous peace, love, joy, understanding, wisdom and comfort in 2016. Those foundations guarantee my true desires. Learning those foundations are the key that I need to unlock the door to life and life more abundantly. 

The Pastor was telling me that I deserve the best. Expect Greater. I feel so great and most importantly so confident in knowing that those abundant desires, those great expectations, the very best mentality, it wasn't given to me for no reason. But I have major things to work on and I see that. It's time to build the foundation!

I encourage you all to do the same. 

This of course comes at no better time than now. I'm excited for this! I'm expecting big things with God.

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